Monday, August 22, 2011

Idea That Suddenly Came up

nah.. came after few hours of blogwalking the blog of lil dolly, Hanie Hidayah. How and where on earth do I know her blog? From blogs as well. I tend to click as my fingers like and good capture of the eyes of mine whereby when I saw this double H name, I in no time already in her world, her blog la. I scrolled scrolled scrolled down the screen and without any notice, whoa it's year of 2006! She's been blogging since 2006. she's 24 this year. so that's mean, in year '06 she's only 19. and where and what am I doin' at the age of 19? --'

I saw this one project that caught my eyes and instantly wanna grab parents's credit card and go buy myself a new camera.. for a great fresh start to capture things in life. Do we really need new gadget to start something new? Well, to me.. yes! Teehee. So, my plan is to go freshen up and text girlfriend to get ready as well as we have things to do. Hope my plan did work successfully or else i'll be the other side of me(evil me).

Oh! Forgot to mention what project it is; it's Project 365. To go and have a look to Hanie's projeckt, u can simply click here.

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