Monday, August 22, 2011

Lady Fira Is Back! town. LOL. I can now access to her ohsem blog. Really inspired by her style, characteristic, face reaction(which is damn cute), her green scraf(LOL) whereby reminds me of electric blue Schanaz Scarves that I have never worn yet! OMA(Oh My Allah instead of OMG=Oh My God which unintentionally praises not go to only Him) aite? And because of that lucky scarf that I bought form Bloggers Fashion Rehab Bazaar other than got an autograph by Hana Tajima, I decided to make it as our(my family) baju raya official theme for this year! And lucky me(I don't know whether it's because of mood that are my parents have that time or because I am the daddy's lil girl so, Ayah had to agree everything). BLUE IS ON, BABY! LOLx2

So, you already knew what colour are my family celebrating with this raya. Now tell me what's yours:D

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